Fire Doors and Frames

The Allandel Hinged Fire Door

Allandel supplies some of the largest Class A, B, D and E doors available in South Africa. Our rebates to our double doors do not require unsightly slam bars or T bars which makes our double doors unique, offering neat, flush meeting styles – all fully tested.

Our Frames

Allandel frames have set the standard in the industry. Our unique jointing detailing ensures frames that are neat and true. All Class A, B and E doors are provided with pre-galvanised steel frames made out of 1.6mm thick steel, while our Class D doors are manufactured out of 2.0mm thick pre-galvanised steel.

Our rebates for all Class A, B and E frames are nominally 47mm x 30mm while our Class D frame rebates are 63mm x 30mm.

Allandel frames are made to the specific needs of site and can accommodate all wall thicknesses and finishes, including drywalls.

We offer an assortment of frame types, namely:

  • Single rebate
  • Double rebate
  • Build in (lug type) or
  • Bolt on

Our Core

All Allandel fire doors are made up of a high quality non-combustible composite core material that varies across the various Classes to ensure that the door performs in the event of a fire. The core is fully described in our SABS testing reports.

The design and manufacturing process of our doors has been carefully engineered and continuing research and development ensures that the core maintains its stability and integrity. This results in superior performance across the board, with excellent thermal readings on the cold face of our doors.

We fully disclose the content of our doors to the
South African Bureau of Standards (SABS)


You can choose any veneer finish for your door.

Veneered doors can be manufactured to order where the aesthetic is important to the architect or developer. Masonite or commercial veneer is recommended for painting.

We can also manufacture steel clad doors where hardy service is expected or where the doors may be exposed to the weather.

Stainless steel kick plates are recommended for installations where the doors can be damaged by vacuum cleaners or trollies etc.

All Class A, B and E doors are edged with hardwood edging while our Class D door has a steel channel edging.

Size Does Matter

Responding to the needs of the industry

The building industry has been plagued by a shortage of tall and wide fire doors that comply to the prescribed SANS 1253:2016 regulations. Fire doors that have not been legitimately tested to meet these regulations are being specified by architects.

Following ground-breaking tests as per the criteria set out in SANS 1253:2016, Allandel can now legitimately supply fire doors up to 2 400mm in height and up to 2 200mm in width. This is for class A, B, D and E fire doors which can be supplied as both double and single doors.

Classes A, B and E fire doors

Besides meeting all the criteria set out by the regulations, what sets our doors apart is that there is no need for unsightly slam bars or T bars. This results in neat, flush and rebated meeting styles.

Class D fire doors

Our class D fire doors are supplied as steel clad with slam bars.

Certified identification tags

Our doors are supplied strictly in accordance of tested and approved specifications. This ensures that in the event of a fire, the fire door performs perfectly. Our identification tags are a guarantee that you are getting a certified top quality door that has been manufactured to strict standards of approval.

Timber frames

Allandel has extended our range and we are now able to supply class A and E fire doors in timber frames. These frames have also successfully passed the stringent testing criteria set by the testing authorities. We can supply timber frames for fire doors up to 2 400mm high x 1 150mm wide in single door format. Should you require doors wider than this, we will supply steel frames.

Exceeding the SANS 1253:2016 criteria

Allandel guarantees that our fire doors meet and exceed the SANS 1253:2016 criteria and are backed by valid test reports.