Door Classes

Allandel Class D Fire Doors

Two hour HIGH RISK fire doors - 120 minutes

Class D fire doors are designed for high risk environments such as the storage of flammable substances, in hospitals etc. These doors are specifically designed to insulate against extreme heat for a minimum of two hours, and will even withstand an explosion.

Allandel Class D fire door, 61mm thick, complete with galvanised mild steel external cladding / facing 1.2mm thick and galvanised mild steel edge. Doors to be supplied with a minimum of 5 heavy duty fire rated stainless steel hinges. Matching steel frame, made of 2.0mm thick pre-galvanised steel, complete with 30mm wide by 63mm deep rebate, complete with 5 fixing lugs of nominal size of 340mm x 30mm x 1.6mm to each side and door head is to be provided. Door set is to provide 120 minutes stability, 120 minutes integrity and 120 minutes insulation and be supplied in accordance with the tested prototype and is to fully conform to SANS 1253:2016.

NOTE: Where double doors are specified, valid testing of double doors must be verified by supplier / manufacturer.

We have added our new generation Class D fire doors to our offering, making us the only Western Cape manufacturer of Class D doors. Our doors were tested in accordance with SANS 1253:2016. We have obtained a test report confirming that the prototype tested complies fully with the criteria set out in SANS 1253:2016.

Our test prototype achieved unprecedented insulation results, with an average of only 89 deg C (140 deg C + ambient is permitted) and a maximum reading of only
102 deg C.

Allandel's Class D door performed exceptionally well in all areas, convincing us that our door will not only protect property by containing the fire, but also protect lives.

We are able to supply Class D doors in sizes up to and including 2 140mm (w) x 2 400mm (h) (Structural opening sizes).

Frame Specification:

  • Material:

    Profiled pre-galvanised steel, 2mm thick

  • Rebates:

    30mm wide x 63mm deep

  • Fixing lugs:

    340mm long x 30mm wide x 1.6mm thick to both sides of the frame and to the head of the frame

  • Spacing:

    5 Lugs (double for 230mm wall) to each side, equally spaced and 4 Lugs (Single) to the head, equally spaced.

Door Specification:

  • Material:

    Pre-galvanised steel facing, 1.2mm thick

  • Hinges:

    5 Heavy duty fire hinges are provided to each leaf.

  • Edging:

    The hinge style, head and bottom edge has a channel, 1.2mm thick x 25mm edging and the meeting style rebate has a pre-galvanised slam-bar, with a 20mm overlap on each side (40mm total) x 25mm.