Why Specify Allandel?

Allandel fire doors are tested in accordance with SANS 1253:2016 compliance

Compliance without compromise

Allandel will assist you in finding ways that would enable compliance without compromise should your needs surpass the limitations of our tested prototypes. Through our own research and development, we have identified areas that could potentially compromise any door in service and in the event of a fire. All of our doors, throughout all the classes, therefore meet and exceed the specifications as set out in SANS 1253:2016 including:

  • Door thickness,
  • Frame rebates,
  • Frame material thickness,
  • Fixing lug quantity,
  • Hinge quantity and quality and
  • Excellent cold face thermal results.

Every door that we manufacture has approved South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) certification.

Difference between life and death

A fire door is a vital safety component of any building or structure. It is not only there to protect the building, but to save the lives of the occupants in the event of a fire.

The average fire door spends it life in service as a door, it also has to be able to perform without compromise in the event of a fire. Just like an airbag in one’s vehicle, we will only know how well it performs when it is put to the test – the difference between life and death.

Essentially the only question a specifier, contractor, developer, consultant or quantity surveyor needs to ask is – why risk specifying anything else when the consequences are so severe?

Allandel is a name that is synonymous with the very best in fire doors. With 31 years of supply to the industry, we have stood the test of time and adapted to changes and challenges in the industry. We continually strive to improve our offering and we always provide peace of mind.

Allandel will advise you in specifying the correct door for your needs, and ensure compliance without compromise. All of our fire doors go through stringent tests in our own research and development department, and meet and exceed national and international standards.

Insist on compliance, insist on Allandel fire doors – peace of mind will follow.