Research and Development

Internal testing produces a world class product

Allandel are committed to being the leaders in the supply and manufacture of fire doors and fire proofing. To continue offering high quality, reliable products and excellent service, we take pride in our research and development.

To ensure that our products not only pass the stringent test criteria at the testing authorities, but exceed the stipulated requirements, we rigorously test products internally before sending for testing. This way, we get to know the limitations of the materials and components that form an integral part of the fire compliance of our products. Ultimately, we are looking after the personal safety of those using our products.

Our commitment

The integrity of our products is our top priority. It is our responsibility to ensure that our products are true to their tested prototypes and that any variation thereof is endorsed by the testing authorities.

You are therefore assured that when you specify an Allandel product, you have specified quality and integrity.

2 hours, 912 degrees C

A test of fireproof glazing after 60 minutes and 120 minutes at 900 degrees C.