Official SABS Testing

Fire doors are further tested by the SABS for compliance

Allandel only submits doors for official testing once numerous tests have been carried out by ourselves.

This ensures that the tested prototype will meet the stringent SABS requirements. When submitting door assemblies for testing, we provide the full detailed description of the door core and manufacture composition. This ensures that our test reports reflect the actual core and make-up of our doors and frames.

Other manufacturers often refer to a “fire rated core” or “propriety core” which in our view does not define the actual tested core sufficiently. This obviously impacts on the integrity of what is supplied.

Once the tests are completed at the SABS, we inspect the doors and frames to gain a better insight into areas of strength and weakness. These observations, together with the written observations of the testing officials, form a vital part of our future tests so that we can always strive for even better results. We are not simply satisfied but continually raise our standards to supply doors that are the very best.

Testing at a SABS furnace in Pretoria. The door is subjected to extreme conditions to determine its effectiveness.

Watch this video on an Allandel Fire Door being tested by SABS