Industry Leaders

Since 1987

Allandel, first established by the late Allan Stoltz in 1987, firmly believes that the fire industry is a “life and limb” industry. Product specification and supply could effectively mean the difference between life and death. Allandel’s mission is to establish itself as South Africa’s number one brand in fire doors that fully complies with SANS1253:2003.

Furthermore property insurance and underwriting typically have clauses wherein it states that you are obliged to comply with the National Building Regulations and Standards as well as any other regulations or provisions with regards to all fire protection and fire fighting equipment.

Driven by Quality

Allandel has a “strictly compliant” policy and our integrity of supply outweighs commercial gain. The rules regarding fire doors are clearly defined in SANS1253:2003, which makes the requirements and obligations very clear.

Our test reports are detailed and the composition of our doors are defined in our test reports. Our supplied doors are manufactured according our tested prototypes.

Our Director, Marchand Ochse, is personally involved in the technical development and testing of the fire doors and as a result, he has a firm handle on the technical side of the manufacture and assembly of fire doors and frames and ensures that the quality and integrity of our doors meet and exceed the industry standards.

Along with our skilled and experienced artisans, we ensure quality and attention to detail. Over 35 years experience ensures that all aspects of the design are compliant with the tested prototypes.