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A fire door is a vital safety component of any building or structure. In the event of a fire, it is not only there to protect the building, but to save the lives of the occupants. It is the difference between life and death.

A fire door spends its life functioning as a door, but has to be able to perform without compromise in the event of a fire. Just like an airbag in one’s vehicle, you will only know how well it performs when it is put to the test.

Essentially the only question you need to ask is – why risk specifying poor quality when the consequences are so severe?

Allandel are the renowned and trusted industry leaders and our name is synonymous with the very best in fire doors. We have stood the test of time and adapt to the continuing changes in the industry. We provide peace of mind.

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Industry Leaders

Our Fire Door Classes

Allandel Class E Fire doors

Half hour fire doors
30 minutes

Allandel Class A Fire doors

One hour fire doors
60 minutes

Allandel Class B Fire doors

Two hour fire doors
120 minutes

Allandel Class D Fire doors

TWO hour HIGH RISK fire doors – 120 minutes


Some of Our Projects

Cape Town Stadium
Netcare Hospital
One&Only Cape Town
Norval Foundation
Cape Town International Airport
Canal Walk